The True started as an acoustic pop and alternative duo in Malmö, Sweden. The band has now grown to six members and the pop influence has given room for a harder, “rockier” sound. – The True writes all material themselves and are always keen on playing with other bands and grow as songwriters and musicians. The sound of the band is best described as a wide, grand sound with a lot of beautiful details and embellishments mixed with raw rock elements. The privilege of having two guitarists and a keyboard player allows a lot of detailing and finesse in the music.

In Sweden, The True has played large stages in Malmö and Lund and are now focused on playing in the capital, Stockholm and to bring the music outside Sweden. However, London and the UK is where their true passion has flourished leaving the band wanting more. For now the journey continues and The True are looking forward to spread the word with strong melodies and passionate live performances.